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Our company is a professional lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., set indoor and outdoor lighting design, advertising design, lighting manufacturing, product sales and installation in one. "People-oriented, innovative" is the company's business objectives, "excellence" is the operation of the target company, we firmly believe that "service and quality" is the development of life, so we always stand lighting waves, leading the fashion source , to capture the spark of the night, creating a noisy world of light. This is a true portrayal of the text in the lighting industry in the field of environmental lighting and relentless pursuit of innovation.


We have the authority and international professional lighting art and design institutions; has excellent lighting design services team; we are passionate about lighting art and professionalism in the team; We offer a variety of lighting design; innovative art , humane, practical, national, business and future-oriented; we grasp the international forefront of lighting design techniques; we will tide in the global synchronization of lighting innovation, leading the industry forward direction of China's lighting design, lighting design to promote China growth of the industry; we design each project, each design will become a boutique; each of our customers will be truly international lighting industry promoters, promoters of.


The company has in Dongguan Huang Huang Town Town large lamps processing base, covering nearly 10,000 square meters; has a number of high-quality development and design staff on a regular basis to market novel and unique style; comes with a complete set of production and processing equipment and testing equipment to ensure the safety of our customers to provide quality lighting. Company uphold the "cast lighting boutique, a world famous," the purpose of importing the ISO9001, 2000 international standard quality management system, and access to the national CCC compulsory certification and ISO9001 quality management system, a variety of products in the major cities are widely adoption, and attracted a large number of overseas businessmen, sold overseas.